Chicks on the front line = HOT!

My hat goes off to all of these ladies. They are busting their butts in very difficult situations.

Check out the video – there are even a few shots of buff young ladies trying to catch some rays in some homemade bikinis.

Maybe we should start a charitable group and send some micro bikinis to the women serving on the front lines.

Chicks + automatic weapons + bikinis = Victory over jihadist!

Rock on girls and thank you for your service!

But, it’s not ALL about the Butt…

sexyfront.jpgAs much as this blog loves to worship the booty, there are many things about a beautiful woman in a teeny bikini.  There are the obvious assets like this hottie has in spades, but there are also less obvious assets like a nice tummy.  When a girl has a hot body, only a micro bikini can show it off properly – this is for the FRONT and the back!!

To all the hot women who are reading this blog, I beg of you – compliment in your choice of bikinis.  Show off your beautiful body so the rest of us can appreciate the hard work and bask in your hotness!

I may need a cold shower now.

Ode to Wicked Weasel

wickedlyhot.jpgI could not handle seeing the Birqini on the top of the blog for another minute. It is time to get back on track and focused on babes and micro bikinis.  While I am not sure if Wicked Weasel originated the “Micro Bikini”  but they are certainly the market maker.  They are based out of Australia and have a cult following. They have been in business for over 10 years which is a significant accomplishment in the fashion industry.

The man who founded Wicked Weasel should have been awarded the Nobel Peace prize!!  He has certainly made the world a little happier place.  Check out the blonde to the left if you need to examine the evidence a little closer!

“Islamofascism Awareness Week”

where's the booty?

Just in case you are unaware that there is a group of people who want to subject the rest of the world to their demented 8th Century ideas – You should take the time and educate yourself.  A group of “intellectuals” and of course front groups for islamofascists such as CAIR do not like the use of the name.

Christopher Hitchens, can explain the why the term is accurate better then I can.

Halloween is coming up, but this is no smurf costume. It  is a Birqini – which is described as “dynamic swimwear for today’s Muslim female”.

The thought of heading to my local beach during Spring Break and being confronted with hundreds of coeds outfitted in Birqinis is frightening.  I did notice she has no veil, and her hands and feet are exposed – she must be a slut!  lol

Bottom line is these islamofascists need to be stopped, because there are no micro bikinis in Iran.  Power to Micro Booty!

Hump day derriere.

beautiful booty photoAnother hump day, another fine derriere.  You may be wondering what exactly a derriere is, so I am saving you a google search and am including the definition below.

This derriere goes out to all the fire fighters who are battling the blazes in southern California.  Good luck guys, I have read FEMA is on the seen – so you will need it!!For the latest photo, please not the extra paid of hands on Tiffany’s fine derriere.  Enjoy the BOOTY and the hot micro thong bikini.  I love that color!

der·ri·ère also der·ri·ere (dr-âr) n.  The buttocks; the rear.

[French, behind, from Old French deriere, in back of, from Vulgar Latin *d retr : Latin d, from, of; see de- + Latin retr, back; see retro

derriere – the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on

What inspires you?

perfect ass in micro bikini I have recently received a few questions about my inspiration for this blog. Well brothers and sisters, it is the majesty of the perfect ass, being frames by a tight, well placed micro bikini.  I still remember the feeling that went through my body when I first gazed at a tight booty framed by the an electric blue micro thong….  So accept this photo as prima facie evidence of my inspiration to put in so much perspiration into this blog! Remember what  Thomas Edison said, ” Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”  So get to work on whatever inspires you!

I will leave you with a joke:  There once was a very rich man who was very ugly. No one ever wanted to sleep with him, so he decided to drive around in his limo until he found somebody. Soon, he spotted a passed-out bum on the street. He quickly ran out, screwed the bum in the ass, left him fifty bucks, and drove off.

A few hours later, the bum woke up, found the fifty bucks, bought a six-pack of Molson, drank them all, and passed out again.

The next day, the rich man returned, found the bum again passed out, screwed him in the ass, and left him a hundred bucks. Astonished by the money when he woke up, the bum bought two six-packs, drank them down, and passed out again.

The next day, the rich man did the same thing to the bum, but this time left him a hundred fifty bucks. When the bum woke up, he went to the store and bought a six-pack of Labatt’s.

“Labatt’s?” asked the store clerk. “You always buy Molson.”

“I know,” said the bum. “But Molson makes my ass hurt.”

Coed butts are my favorite.

college girl in green brazilian cut bikiniThis coed gets high scores for showing over her lovely booty in a tight Brazilian cut bottom.

She must be spending a lot of effort working on her tight ass, that she has no time to clean up!!

Here at MicroBooty we love the girl’s next door who love to show off.  This is the benefit of living in a “girls gone wild” world!!  Thank you Joe Francis, I will send you some soap on a rope soon!!


Since man cannot live on tiny bikinis and hot chicks alone, I am going to share another interest of mine.

This interest may be even more politically incorrect… WAR PORN!!

What brand of truck do jihadies drive?