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Another MicroBooty Exclusive!!!

peacock teenyb pucker butt bikiniThis photo was sent by a young lady who would like to remain anonymous at this time.

What a perfect booty.  The pattern on the micro bikini is very nice. The peacock pattern is hot.  I almost feel like its watching me watching her perfect booty!!

Thank you to M for the photo. I have fallen in love with those LOOOOONG sexy legs. I hope she gets brave enough and sends in some more photos.

A gift from Jamie for our support and votes!!

Perfect hot assThe power of Micro Booty is strong!  Jamie just shot an message saying she is still in the top 52 on the College Mansion contest.

As a reward she sent a few hi-rez custom photos in our favorite pose.

So enjoy Jamie’s beautiful bottom, framed perfectly in micro bikini.  Maybe it is a wicked weasel micro bikini?

micro botty perfection

Click on the thumbnails to get full resolution photos!

This remarkable photo has had me drooling for the past hour.

You can thank Jamie by voting for her here.  You apparently can vote everyday.  So vote early and vote often!!

What a perfect photo!!  Sweet booty, and micro bikinis!!!

Sexy Jamie asks for your vote.

Jamie has a hot booty

A friend of MicroBooty has contacted us seeking votes for an online babe contest.Â

She sent these 2 exclusive photos to thank MicroBooty fans for their support.

Click on the thumbnails to see Jamie in all her beautiful glory.

To me see looks like a young Demi Moore.

jamie_in_a_hot_bikiniSo please take a few seconds of your time for the next few days and give her your vote HERE!!!

Jamie has confidently said that if she makes it into the top 52, with the help of MicroBooty’s fan support she will send us some special shots of her sexy body in some extremely micro bikinis!

UPDATE: She just sent me one of the photos for personal inspection. Go and vote, ya’ll  definitely want to see these photos!!!!

What are you thankful for?

michael jordan of assesThanksgiving 2007.  What the hell are you thankful for?

I personally have a lot to be thankful for.  The first thing I am thankful for is the brave troops of the US military! Their sacrifices have enabled us to have  the carefree life we do in the US.  They are the reason why we get to focus on who the next American Idol is going to be, or if  Jennie Garth will win dancing with the stars!!  I am also thankful for the leadership of General Petraeus.

I am thankful to an Susan for e-mailing me this photo of her and her friend.  Two perfect booties.  After staring at the photos for what seemed like hours, I noticed the Michael Jordan basketball jersey in the background.  I believe this is some kind of subliminal message. That these 2 girls fine butts framed perfectly in a micro bikini are the JORDAN of Bootys!!

So here is the game plan.  Next time you see a soldier, airman, Marine thank him or her for their service. Give them they respect they have earned.  Same goes for hot babes wearing these daring sexy micro bikinis.  Thank them for adding to the beauty and happiness of the world.  Give them the respect they deserve for having the confidence to wear such tiny swimwear!

Teeniest bikini. Another submission.

What a view. Teeniest bikiniThis blog, my passion has been paying dividends.  How you may ask?  Look at the magnificent photo to the left. Click on it to get the FULL view of the tiny bikini and perfect booty.  This is another submission from the beautiful Kelly.  She did not pass on the name of her friend, but the island is St. Maarten. I think I am falling in love.

It is so refreshing to find a young lady who is confident in her body and loves to wear the teeniest bikini possible.  It is inspirational.

What a view!!!

2 butts are better then 1 bootyI woke up this morning in a bad mood.  The weather has been dark and rainy, no sun for almost a week.  I just knew that it was going to be a “one of those days”.  That is until I opened up my e-mail (after waiting 20 minutes for the spam filters to clear up all the Viagra ads)  and found this little gem of an e-mail that turned things right around!  I want to thank Kelly for submitting this photo and making my day!

What a view!! This photo  is of Kelly and her friend wearing micro bikinis while on vacation somewhere in the Caribbean .  I must say I am envious of the photographer who snapped this masterpiece.

I caught myself daydreaming, so much so that I could swear I felt a warm island breeze and lots of sunshine.  I bet you will too!

Coed butts are my favorite.

college girl in green brazilian cut bikiniThis coed gets high scores for showing over her lovely booty in a tight Brazilian cut bottom.

She must be spending a lot of effort working on her tight ass, that she has no time to clean up!!

Here at MicroBooty we love the girl’s next door who love to show off.  This is the benefit of living in a “girls gone wild” world!!  Thank you Joe Francis, I will send you some soap on a rope soon!!