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Salute to Chris Paul and New Orleans Hornets!

hornets micro bikiniHave you been watching the NBA playoffs?  I have been.  Really it is the only time I watch the NBA.  My opinion most regular season basketball games players loaf most of the game, in in the middle of the 4th quarter if game is close they will play hard.  But in playoffs every game counts so teams play all out every second.

One player has stood out for me, and that has been Chris Paul.  It has been amazing to watch this kid play.  He is magic with the basketball.  Watching CP3 dominate the game being the smallest kid on the court is exciting.

I will be pulling for him and the Hornets to win the NBA Championship.  ( I am a fan of MO PETE from back in his Trojan days!!)  It would be good for the down trodden City of New Orleans.  It is one of my favorite places to party.  It would be like another Mardi Gras if Hornets can make history!

Check out the cutie above. With hot fans like this, it makes it easy to cheer for the Hornets!!

Spring is in the air and so are the bikinis!

vegas night micro bikiniAnother great booty photo.  It is that time of year, when girls start working out hard to get into bikini shape.  It seems micro bikinis, wicked weasels, teenyb, and beach bunny lines are the hottest trends this season.  Thank goodness!!

One thing hot girls are always worried about is stalkers.  I found this great tool to find out who the felons are in a particular neighborhood.  It uses google maps and official databases to track the bad guys. Check out  now!!  You have a right to know!

Microbooty delivers!!

TeenyB Vegas Nights whale tail bikini That is right.  Check out the thumbnail to the left.  This sunset brings a tear to my eye.  Click it and enjoy the full resolution and this delectable booty.  That bikini bottom is hot, look how it hugs her booty so tightly.

After admiring Natalie’s delicious booty, and you need a good laugh check out this site:  At Teacher Harmony we won’t judge you by your deeds, but we may ask you to show your homework. Joking aside, we’re committed to helping you find exactly what you seek online and our good name and perfect reputation is your assurance of quality and total anonymity. Your mom won’t find out about us, neither will your wife or that wise ass judge.

Another MicroBooty Exclusive!!!

peacock teenyb pucker butt bikiniThis photo was sent by a young lady who would like to remain anonymous at this time.

What a perfect booty.  The pattern on the micro bikini is very nice. The peacock pattern is hot.  I almost feel like its watching me watching her perfect booty!!

Thank you to M for the photo. I have fallen in love with those LOOOOONG sexy legs. I hope she gets brave enough and sends in some more photos.

A gift from Jamie for our support and votes!!

Perfect hot assThe power of Micro Booty is strong!  Jamie just shot an message saying she is still in the top 52 on the College Mansion contest.

As a reward she sent a few hi-rez custom photos in our favorite pose.

So enjoy Jamie’s beautiful bottom, framed perfectly in micro bikini.  Maybe it is a wicked weasel micro bikini?

micro botty perfection

Click on the thumbnails to get full resolution photos!

This remarkable photo has had me drooling for the past hour.

You can thank Jamie by voting for her here.  You apparently can vote everyday.  So vote early and vote often!!

What a perfect photo!!  Sweet booty, and micro bikinis!!!