Salute to Chris Paul and New Orleans Hornets!

hornets micro bikiniHave you been watching the NBA playoffs?  I have been.  Really it is the only time I watch the NBA.  My opinion most regular season basketball games players loaf most of the game, in in the middle of the 4th quarter if game is close they will play hard.  But in playoffs every game counts so teams play all out every second.

One player has stood out for me, and that has been Chris Paul.  It has been amazing to watch this kid play.  He is magic with the basketball.  Watching CP3 dominate the game being the smallest kid on the court is exciting.

I will be pulling for him and the Hornets to win the NBA Championship.  ( I am a fan of MO PETE from back in his Trojan days!!)  It would be good for the down trodden City of New Orleans.  It is one of my favorite places to party.  It would be like another Mardi Gras if Hornets can make history!

Check out the cutie above. With hot fans like this, it makes it easy to cheer for the Hornets!!