Microbooty delivers!!

TeenyB Vegas Nights whale tail bikini That is right.  Check out the thumbnail to the left.  This sunset brings a tear to my eye.  Click it and enjoy the full resolution and this delectable booty.  That bikini bottom is hot, look how it hugs her booty so tightly.

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BOOM!!! Back in business!! Slinging hottest micro bikini photos on the planet!

teeny b bikini coutureWonder where I have been??  Well it is a long story. Things have been hectic.  Between Bearns Stearn and Jamie Lynn Spears the world has been turned right side up!  Anyway, spring is here and with it comes SPRING BREAK – which means hot chicks in tiny bikinis.  I am looking forward to a very rewarding and fun summer checking out all the perfect booties in micro bikinis.  So come on girls – make sure you get your bodies ready!!