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Which celebrity would you like to see beheaded? Jihad or not!

Jihad or notThis site is hilarious! unique spin on those “hot or not” sites.

If you are like me, you probably have wondered why the islamofascist do not behead the “pretty” people. Celebrities.

Beheading some bus driver, or an aid worker seems to work against their cause.  On this website, YOU can help vote.

Anyway, lets bring Democracy to Jihad, so go vote on who should be beheaded!  Michael Jackson, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Bono, Paris Hilton, they are all fair game here in this site.

Here is a snipit from the actual website:

Hey man! Which celebrity would YOU slaughter?


This website does not in any way endorse the kidnapping and beheading of “infidels”. Further, the creators of this site hold very dear to them, everyones Constitutional right to religious freedom and expression and respect everyones religious beliefs, whatever they may be. As such, we feel we are not in a position to judge, criticize or deter anyone when fulfilling their obligatory religious duties, which might include, from time to time, the occasional Fatwa, Jihad or slaughtering of infidels.

We would like to note that site is also not encouraging anyone (or group of people) of any particular race, creed or religion (*wink wink*) to go out and kidnap and behead people, nor are we critisizing the practice. However, if you are committed to that path, our hope is that at a minimum, we can assist you in making an educated choice in your slaughter and target a person, where instead of ending up with an aid worker, teacher or truck driver which may harm your cause in the international court of opinion, you are targeting a person, preferably an annoying celebrity, where even hardened critics as well as the public at large is likely to look at the gruesome Al Jazeera video and quietly think to themselves “well…ok… yeah, I kinda get that one”

What are you thankful for?

michael jordan of assesThanksgiving 2007.  What the hell are you thankful for?

I personally have a lot to be thankful for.  The first thing I am thankful for is the brave troops of the US military! Their sacrifices have enabled us to have  the carefree life we do in the US.  They are the reason why we get to focus on who the next American Idol is going to be, or if  Jennie Garth will win dancing with the stars!!  I am also thankful for the leadership of General Petraeus.

I am thankful to an Susan for e-mailing me this photo of her and her friend.  Two perfect booties.  After staring at the photos for what seemed like hours, I noticed the Michael Jordan basketball jersey in the background.  I believe this is some kind of subliminal message. That these 2 girls fine butts framed perfectly in a micro bikini are the JORDAN of Bootys!!

So here is the game plan.  Next time you see a soldier, airman, Marine thank him or her for their service. Give them they respect they have earned.  Same goes for hot babes wearing these daring sexy micro bikinis.  Thank them for adding to the beauty and happiness of the world.  Give them the respect they deserve for having the confidence to wear such tiny swimwear!

Chicks on the front line = HOT!

My hat goes off to all of these ladies. They are busting their butts in very difficult situations.

Check out the video – there are even a few shots of buff young ladies trying to catch some rays in some homemade bikinis.

Maybe we should start a charitable group and send some micro bikinis to the women serving on the front lines.

Chicks + automatic weapons + bikinis = Victory over jihadist!

Rock on girls and thank you for your service!

“Islamofascism Awareness Week”

where's the booty?

Just in case you are unaware that there is a group of people who want to subject the rest of the world to their demented 8th Century ideas – You should take the time and educate yourself.  A group of “intellectuals” and of course front groups for islamofascists such as CAIR do not like the use of the name.

Christopher Hitchens, can explain the why the term is accurate better then I can.

Halloween is coming up, but this is no smurf costume. It  is a Birqini – which is described as “dynamic swimwear for today’s Muslim female”.

The thought of heading to my local beach during Spring Break and being confronted with hundreds of coeds outfitted in Birqinis is frightening.  I did notice she has no veil, and her hands and feet are exposed – she must be a slut!  lol

Bottom line is these islamofascists need to be stopped, because there are no micro bikinis in Iran.  Power to Micro Booty!