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Ever thought of nailing that hot teacher in high school?

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At Teacher Harmony we won’t judge you by your deeds, but we may ask you to show your work. Joking aside, we’re committed to helping you find exactly what you seek online and our good name and perfect reputation is your assurance of quality and total anonymity. Your mum won’t find out about us, neither will your wife or that wise ass judge.


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The Conjugal Harmony Difference!

Find a hot chick in jail Imagine having a wife who is always glad to see you, never cheats or stays out all night, and who rocks your ever-loving world twice a month with a pent-up vengeance you haven’t felt since college. Now imagine she never takes your credit cards, doesn’t spend all day talking to her mother, and never knows if you’re out with friends or sleeping around. Now stop imagining and open your eyes to the world of Conjugal Harmony. For almost a decade we’ve connected honest, background cleared, non-prisoners with exciting, passionate, loyal mates on the inside, and with rates so low you might think you’re the crook!

Perspective. It is important.

tiny_bikini_big_boobs One of the little secrets of life is understanding the concept of perspective. Once you can train your brain to look at the world through other prisms you will be able to understand the world and people and thus control your future.

This lovely photo of this sexy brunette in a hot teeny tiny bikini is shot from an interesting perspective.

Perspective – Use It or Lose It. If you turned to this page, you’re forgetting that what is going on around you is not reality. Think about that. [Illusions] – Richard David Bach