Coed butts are my favorite.

college girl in green brazilian cut bikiniThis coed gets high scores for showing over her lovely booty in a tight Brazilian cut bottom.

She must be spending a lot of effort working on her tight ass, that she has no time to clean up!!

Here at MicroBooty we love the girl’s next door who love to show off.  This is the benefit of living in a “girls gone wild” world!!  Thank you Joe Francis, I will send you some soap on a rope soon!!


Since man cannot live on tiny bikinis and hot chicks alone, I am going to share another interest of mine.

This interest may be even more politically incorrect… WAR PORN!!

What brand of truck do jihadies drive?

The birth of

love of micro bikinis and juicy booty buttsEveryone in the free world has a blog.  I have found blogs on midget wrestling, dirt farming, and a billion on Paris Hilton and Britney Spears but  one niche  is under served by the blogosphere. ( trust me I googled for hours)

What is the niche?  The love of a great BOOTY clad in a MICRO bikini. Through this blog, I hope to share my passion for juicy butts and teeny bikinis.  So now that you know the orgin of MICROBOOTY.COM

Only the tighest booties, and the teeniest bikinis will be on display….  Welcome to MICROBOOTY.COM!